In order for plants to live healthily, you must have a regular care regimen. Things seem to be the simplest such as watering, washing the leaves of plants, not everyone knows how to do it properly.

Water the tree

Indoor plants have many types, must be watered depending on the type. It is important to water regularly, not too much or too little. To find out if the pot needs watering or not, use a knife to knock on the side of the pot. If you hear a cloudy sound, the pot is not dry and that is not needing watering. If you hear a sound, keep the plant hydrated.

However, there are also plants that need to be watered less, only once every few days, like a bonsai. Watering plants must be suitable for the indoor temperature, neither too cold nor too hot.

Bathe the plants

Every day, indoor plants are watered, but occasionally bathe them by placing the pot in the water (the water level reaches the top of the pot). Wait until you no longer see the bubbles, then lift the pot.

Wipe the leaves of the plant

Indoor plants often experience yellowing due to poor air exchange of the leaves with the outside. Although watering plants every day, sometimes you have to wipe each leaf with the water-absorbent sponge and spray water on the leaves.


Indoor plants also need to be fertilized (every few weeks) with a moderate amount of nutrients. Often fertilize manure or oil cake, or can use tea grounds, rice water is also very good. In order not to smell bad in the house, you use the tangerine peel to add to the fertilizer solution, the smell will be removed.

Kill the worm

Indoor plants sometimes have more depth from the ground. How to insect without harming the tree? Take the mustard seeds (make mustard) and soak them in water and water them into the soil.

Let the tree grow faster

In addition to planting trees and fertilizing, you can use the crushed eggshell to bury the plant soil, the tree will grow faster than usual.

Take care when away from home

– You can place a large glass vase filled with water next to the pot of ornamental flowers, then find a long cloth with strong water absorption, one end soaked in water, the other is buried in flower pots soil, like so, At least half a month will retain soil moisture.

– Before going away, cut off all the yellow leaves, flowers, weak branches … focus the pots on the floor with a slope of 20 degrees, pay attention to the environment should not ventilation too much, just let it in contact with sunshine. Based on the number of potted plants more or less, take the wire to make a frame just enough to cover the pots, then water enough for all pots, take the frame again.