Câu hỏi thường gặp / Hỏi đáp

Normally, you will receive goods at our garden in Sa Dec City (Dong Thap Province). Address: 156 Provincial Road DT848, Khanh Nhon Hamlet, Tan Khanh Dong Commune, Sa Dec City, Dong Thap.

If you want to deliver the tree to your destination at another locality, we will charge you additional shipping costs on the basis of the most reasonable and beneficial for you.

Step 1: You send the need to buy ornamental plants (click here to send contact information) or call 0949.33.22.44 for advice.

Step 2: The two sides agree on the number of trees, quality specifications, prices, payment method and delivery.

Step 3: Please fill in the purchase information on the Order Form and send it to cayxanhsadec@gmail.com

Step 4: We will check the Order Form and supplement information (if necessary).

Step 5: The two parties confirm their agreement with the content on the Order Form. Based on the Order Form, we will make orders as required.

Please note: depending on your wishes, both parties can sign a Sale Contract.

Step 6: You make a deposit as agreed in the Payment Policy.

Step 7: We will proceed to do the goods as agreed above.

Step 8: Customers receive the goods, sign for confirmation on the delivery record and transfer the rest of the money.

From the time you make the deposit to the receipt of the goods will depend on your requirements and depend on the characteristics of each tree. But in any case, this period will not exceed 45 days.

Before handing over the trees to customers, we have carried out the pruning and composting meticulously in accordance with the strict care process to ensure that the plants maintain good vitality when delivered to customers. However, during transport, it is difficult to avoid dehydration of the plant, leading to wilting of the leaves.

This is partly due to the high outdoor temperatures, or long transportation distances. Do not worry, after planting the tree, you just need to water fully and steadily, the tree will be green again and grow healthy. If the defoliation is not resolved within 5 days of receiving the tree, please call us immediately for advice.

This could be a sign of excess water in the plant. There are many causes, including: persistent rain, or over-watering the tree, or waterlogging.

Most likely the plant is dehydrated. If you think that you have watered the plant enough, you should review the soil, maybe because the soil does not hold water well, leading to the roots not absorbing enough water. In some cases, the cause may be due to plants grown on sloping ground, so the water is drained quickly.