l. Technique of planting Japanese thread grass:

  1. Prepare the soil

-First, get rid of weeds, water a lot, and compact well so that the soil no longer subsides.

– Make soil porous, create a good drainage system.

-Spread mixed compost l ayer (cow dung + rice husk ash + coconut humus + humus soil) thick and thin depending on the bad or good soil.

-Then use a rake to mix the soil with the soil.

  1. Grass seed preparation

Use young grass for planting. Depending on the specific requirements of each project, prepare the quantity of grass more or less. Normally, 1m² of seedlings can be grown if the carpet is only 1.20m²; if planted thick, it will be 2m², planted 3m² and if planted sparsely up to 4m²

  1. Planting Japanese

thread grass – The seedlings are shredded, spread evenly on the ground.

-Use humus mixed with rice husk ash evenly spread over Japanese thread grass (if carpeting does not need this stitching)

-Use a wood compactor, lightly compacted so that the roots of the grass cling to the soil, and additionally sprinkle the ash in the missing areas. .

Experience has shown that planting both has the most advantages, both saving seeds, and open space for a lot of grass. In this planting method, after 20-25 days, the grass is evenly covered, young and beautiful

ll. Garden lawn care

  1. The first month

-Watering: always create moisture for the soil. Clear waterlogged areas, supplement high hills.

– Fertilizing: in the first month, need to fertilize 3 times:

1st time: 5 days after planting 2kg DAP / 100m²

2nd time: 15 days after planting 3kg DAP / 100m² Fertilizer

3: 30 days after planting 2kg NPK 16 -16-8 and 1kg of oil cake / 100m²

-Making weeds: weeding 2-3 times so that we cannot see weeds.

  1. The following months

-Watering: always create moisture in the soil, the thickness of the soil is at least 3cm. Clearing when the rain is heavy, do not let the grass stay waterlogged for more than 24 hours.

– Fertilizer:

+ Each month need to fertilize 2kg DAP / 100m². If the grass is too dark green, replace DAP with NPK (16-16-8). If the grass is not soaked, apply one kg of oil cake / 100m².

+ A few years later, it is necessary to add more organic fertilizer and microorganisms depending on the reality of the grass.

-Clean weeds that invade sunflowers.

– Beauty: average 25-35 days, mow the lawn once. Each cut leaves about 1-1, 5cm.

III. Prevention of pests and diseases in backyard grass by pesticides

-Bassa: aphids prevention

– Fenbis: kill herbivorous pests

-Vibasu 10H: antiseptic treatment of white, deep earth, wormwood, crickets, ants …(dosage and how to use follow the instructions on the label or packa