After Tet holiday, apricot trees start to fade and need to be well cared for to create a foundation for flowering plants at the end of next year. The care of tomorrow is quite simple but not everyone knows how to take good care of tomorrow to grow tomorrow, avoid pests, and bloom in the right way. Let’s learn how to take care of apricot trees after Tet to celebrate Tet next year, the flowers will bloom brightly again.

How to take care of apricot trees after Tet

After the Tet holiday, put the apricot pots in the house out as soon as possible, but not put under direct sunlight too harsh will make the tree very susceptible to burnt leaves, the most appropriate position is to leave the tree in The shade has moderate lighting. When you switch the apricot out, it is necessary to remove all the flowers and apricot buds so that the plants can concentrate on the nutrient for the plants. For apricot trees in the yard or grown in the soil often grow and develop easier when in the house because they are familiar with the outside environment, so you do not need to care too much or too much like in the house. Once you have brought them out, you begin to proceed with the following steps:


Pruning should be done early, the best time is before the 15th day of the lunar calendar and no later than the 20th day. Usually, one-third of the apricot tree is cut, but depending on the shape and size of the apricot tree, You choose how to trim appropriately, can be trimmed according to the tree shape – the upper branches are shorter than the lower branches.

Prepare about 1 teaspoon of urea fertilizer mixed with 10 liters of water to spray on the plants and water around the stump. If the tree rescues and stabs the green shoot, you do not need to spray the buds to stimulate the leaves anymore, otherwise, the apricot branches have signs of not growing much, you need to spray with the dose as instructed on the package, can use 1g more GA3 mixed with 30-40 liters of water to spray on trees and water around the root for rapid growth.

When resuscitation plants take the plants to the sun, it will help the apricot leaves and leaves grow faster, this time is quite sensitive because the leaves have many young leaves plus the sunny weather so the pests and diseases, especially thrips are very easy to penetrate into trees. Therefore, after pruning for about 10 days you mix two drugs with the active ingredient Hexaconazole (Anvil) and Fipronil (Regent) to spray for the first time, spraying the second time when the plant has just sprouted and the last time after the tree leaves medium old.

The pruning stage for apricot blossom is very important, a little note that you need to remember is to prune the branches because if the branches are not pruned, they will have fungal diseases and of course the flowers are not as much as the pruned branches. In addition, the closer to the stalk of gold, the more stimulating the development of apricot blossom after Tet.

Regularly cleaning apricot trees:

In addition to pruning the branches, you should not forget to clean the tree regularly, you take a strong spray on the tree to clean the moss and mold. Or use very thick urea fertilizer to spray into the tree, especially where there is a lot of molds. In this way, you must use a plastic bag to cover the root, avoiding the damaged tree. If the tree still does not clean the mold, use a strong scrub brush on the tree to ‘goodbye’ the mold.

Replace soil for apricot trees:

You must not ignore the stage of replacing soil when taking care of apricot trees on Tet holiday, about two or three years after using and growing on that type of soil, it should be replaced by new soil. This works to supplement the potassium content and the amount of protein needed for plants. You should cover a layer of sand and organic fertilizer covering the entire face, then put a little layer of planting material into it before proceeding to compact the tree.


When just replacing the soil, do not apply fertilizer at all because the root system cannot absorb the fertilizer, even the fertilizer can damage the roots. Only with fertilizer or inorganic leaf fertilizer application is also enough for the apricot blossom to develop at the beginning of the rainy season, plus the first rains, cool air, thunder synthesis of natural protein in the air and soil makes plants grow stronger.

These are the tasks you need to do to take care of apricot trees after Tet, which will help prepare the apricot trees well for the plant to accumulate nutrients in the rainy season, creating flower buds to make the flowers beautiful. Tet next year.